Personal values

Authenticity | Growth | Ethics | Curiosity | Making a difference


Inspire people to lead with kindness and empathy, contribute to budling authentic, value-driven leadership.

I’m a purpose driven person, an advocate for meaningful and joyful life. I believe in strong values, authenticity, finding meaning and purpose. In my opinion work-life balance is not the target, what we should aim for is alignment between who we are and what we do. Work is a part of life as well.

I consider myself an organizational architect, I’ve been more than 10 years in top leadership positions where I significantly turned around companies and build high performant teams. Experienced in organizational transformation, change and transition management, operations (including process optimization, digitalization), business strategies, customer service.

My strong belief is that we as leaders work for our people, not the other way around. Leading them with kindness and empathy, helping them in their journey to get better results, makes us better. We should look for engagement inside the organization not compliance, so I believe in giving people autonomy, mastery, purpose, which in my opinion boost performance.

Why working with Me

I’ve been in many roles during my professional life, each with its own story, own emotions, excitement, fears, successes, setbacks, resilience. I’ve been in the light, I’ve been in the shadows, I’ve been wondering what’s next, if I’m doing everything right, if I am good enough; I’ve been motivated, confident and feeling lost, all at the same time. I still live and all of these, I am a whole of everything, brightness, and shade all together; is part of my process, which I embrace and honor.

What I’ve learned along the way is that becoming more self-aware gives me the freedom to take more conscious decisions, to accept myself and become more aligned and balanced. Today I am who I am, and I show up as myself.

✅ I have an extensive experience in senior and executive leadership, so I can deeply understand the real-life organizational experience and a leader’s challenges

✅ I’ve been running change management and organizational transformation programs, so I understand what managing or being through a transition means   

✅ I can use tools and elements from coaching, supervision, neuroscience, ancient wisdom; additionally, my experience supports me in providing high quality leadership consultancy and mentoring sessions (separately and in addition to the coaching sessions)

✅ I am a committed partner to you and your journey; I will offer my full presence and create the space for your growth

✅ I continuously work on my personal and professional development so I can be even more self-aware, more present, and more resourceful for my clients

✅ I made it my personal mission to contribute to value-driven, authentic leadership and I’m a strong supporter of leading with kindness. I’m inclined towards kindness, compassion and building authentic human connections  

Iuliana Rusei