Leadership Coaching Session


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Leadership Coaching session

Duration: 90 minutes

We work on your personalized objective, so you become the leader you are meant to be, create, and imprint your own style


Leadership Coaching

We transform. We grow. Since we face different events (pleasant or challenging) along our journey, we change. Even if we do it consciously or unconsciously, we still change. When we choose consciously the transformation, we have the opportunity of choosing our own path and actions. You can use many tools or partners in your development, and a coach is one of these partners, someone who engages with unconditional positive regard.

Leadership development makes no difference.

Coaching is a very powerful tool to be used in personal and/ or professional development for enhancing your highest potential. It helps seeing through blind spots, increase self-awareness and creating more value in your role.

Why Leadership coaching?

Being a leader means more than a role, more than a title, it’s about making a positive difference. It is about building authentic human connections, being inspirational, living one’s values, creating meaning and purpose, enhance a positive organizational culture.
Each development need is unique, depending on the personal and/ or professional objectives, the level you are in the organization, your career next steps, organization’s objectives, your vision, and your purpose.
I believe we all are today at our best version. Leadership coaching is for you if you want to invest further in your development, if you want to take to the next level the value you are creating as a leader. Also, leadership coaching is for you if you are willing to take actions, to put efforts in working on your development, if you are willing to dedicate time and discipline in the process

Few areas where coaching can benefit you

✅ Develop strategic thinking and visionary style

✅ Be an inspirational leader

✅ Build authentic, value-driven leadership

✅ Create a positive, trust-based culture

✅ You want to go into leading with kindness

✅ Build stronger human connections

✅ Learn new skills and build new behaviors

✅ Discover new perspectives and opportunities

✅ When struggling to a crisis

✅ You’re going through a transition

✅ You need more clarity

✅ You are in a search of meaning and purpose

✅ Better manage stakeholders

✅ Boost performance

✅ Become more self-aware, more aligned with yourself

Why working with me?

I’ve been in many roles during my professional life, each with its own story, own emotions, excitement, fears, successes, setbacks, resilience. I’ve been in the light, I’ve been in the shadows, I’ve been wondering what’s next, if I’m doing everything right, if I am good enough; I’ve been motivated, confident and feeling lost, all at the same time. I still live and all of these, I am a whole of everything, brightness, and shade all together; is part of my process, which I embrace and honor.

What I’ve learned along the way is that becoming more self-aware gives me the freedom to take more conscious decisions, to accept myself and become more aligned and balanced. Today I am who I am, and I show up as myself.

✅ I have an extensive experience in senior and executive leadership, so I can deeply understand the real-life organizational experience and a leader’s challenges

✅ I’ve been running change management and organizational transformation programs, so I understand what managing or being through a transition means

✅ I can use tools and elements from coaching, supervision, neuroscience, ancient wisdom; additionally, my experience supports me in providing high quality leadership consultancy and mentoring sessions (separately and in addition to the coaching sessions)

✅ I am a committed partner to you and your journey; I will offer my full presence and create the space for your growth

✅ I continuously work on my personal and professional development so I can be even more self-aware, more present, and more resourceful for my clients

✅ I made it my personal mission to contribute to value-driven, authentic leadership and I’m a strong supporter of leading with kindness. I’m inclined towards kindness, compassion and building authentic human connections

Iuliana Rusei