Stand out leadership program

Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference.”

Mac Anderson

Leadership it’s more than a role, it’s about making a positive difference. It is about building authentic human connections, being inspirational, living one’s values, creating meaning and purpose, enhance a growth mindset. Putting heart and brain together leads to higher performance.

We build together your personalized development program, working on your objectives, so you:

  • become the leader you are meant to be, create and imprint your own style

  • discover and live your full potential

  • lead high performant teams

  • create a culture of trust, human connection and collaboration-based performance

  • build and contribute to authentic, value-driven leadership, making a positive difference in the world

As a coach, I will accompany you on your development journey.

– 200 EUR/ session

– package of 10 sessions 1.700 EUR

– specific term development program – ask for an offer

Iuliana Rusei