Up-level leadership program​

A successful career will no longer be about promotion. It will be about mastery
Michael Martin Hammer

Stepping up into a new role can be challenging many times. You step into a new spotlight, you have higher responsibilities, a higher influence. Which is great, that also means you can have a higher impact as a leader.

You navigate to the next level. Together we can ease the transition into a new role:

  • develop new skills, behaviors, mindset to successfully shift into a more strategic role

  • consolidate your leadership style

  • enhance the strategic thinking, ability to inspire

  • create a culture of trust, human connection and collaboration-based performance

  • empowerment and work with senior leader teams

  • manage stakeholders

  • thrive performance

– 200 EUR/ session

– package of 10 sessions 1.700 EUR

– specific term development program – ask for an offer

Iuliana Rusei