What dreams started, discipline will finish

What dreams started, discipline will finish


It always starts with a dream. We set off with enthusiasm, with good energy, with a strong belief in success.

Is that enough for that dream to be manifested in real life?


We have our own tricks that help us succeed, some of them come naturally and others need some extra effort to be applied. But the one thing that gathers them all under one working system is – DISCIPLINE.


At the beginning of the road more of our energy goes into building that working system, bringing the necessary discipline in our lives. The motivation to succeed is actually the motivation to build a new life/ schedule/thoughts around our goals.


This is why it is not so easy as it seems to start a new personal journey. We do difficult things, take actions out of our comfort zone and set on an unknown road where each step has to be tested, verified, learned or just trusted. This is why discipline helps us get over these uncomfortable states and take action even when we don’t feel like it.

Often people fall into the trap of self-blame, procrastination and distrust of personal strengths only because they think something is wrong with them, when the reality is just a poor discipline.

What can we do in this case?

1️⃣Identify which words we use most often and we will notice where we have to work. For example:

❌I am not ready to take a new leadership role

✅I am the perfect match for this job and I’m getting better for it each day.

❌Leading is not my strength

✅My strength is leading and I have all the necessary abilities to be a great leader.

❌I don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur

✅Being an entrepreneur is just being me on my own. I’m the perfect partner/employee/boss just because I’m the best in what I’m doing. 

2️⃣See what behavior we have regarding a certain task and observing ourselves we can choose to act differently. 

For example: 

We tend to leave one task for the end of the day and end up being frustrated because we are too tired to complete it. Maybe we just have to move that task in the morning or better delegate it to save time for tasks we like the most.


3️⃣Observe each step we take towards our goals and celebrate every win, even the smallest ones.🏆


4️⃣When feeling low we can call a friend / coach / mentor to free ourselves from those negative emotions, in this way we get energy to continue our journey.🏃‍♀️


5️⃣Be gentle and patient with ourselves! We don’t have to try to do all things at once. We can start with 3 important daily tasks in your process


I encourage you to create one habit at the time and let it carry you to your goal! 🧚🏼


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