Jumping into the unknown

  1. Jumping into the unknown


There always comes a time, at least once in life, when you need to let go of something to create space for new experiences. I somehow avoided so far to make big changes, most likely because I always believed that it’s safer for me to stay in my comfort zone. 

But now it’s time to say goodbye to my journey with Uniqa and take a leap of faith with a completely new way, very dear to my heart, that of coaching. 

The last 16 years were full of challenges and transformation, from data entry specialist to a successful board member, from goal-oriented management to human growth management, from obsessive control of processes and people to empowering and leading with kindness. I had a lot of inspiration along the way, thousands of hours invested in self-development – a combination of trainings, workshops, coaching, reading, Balinese and Indian teachers, traveling, learning on the job, and most of all, inspirational people. 

I’m sincerely grateful to each and every person and every experience that contributed to this journey. I had guidance in discovering some great parts of myself which I kept well hidden, parts that now literally shout at me that this is what I need to do –

accompany and guide other leaders on their own journey.

I must admit it’s also scary to start on my own, some days I feel nostalgic, some days I’m worried…I would love to say that I have everything figured out 😊 But I don’t – I’m learning on the way. But at the same time, there is that sense of purpose, freedom, energy to create, that beats any fears. It’s an interesting process.

I’m grateful to Uniqa for a fulfilling 6 years’ experience. I learned along the way a lot about myself, I transformed together with the organization, I had a lot of freedom to act and be creative, I worked with incredible people for whom I have a great deal of respect. And last but not least, I’m grateful to my super team, most amazing people. 

I’m taking with me a lot of valuable lessons: 

  • Never stop learning, take your lessons from everything and everyone;
  • Always be loyal to your principles and beliefs; stay true to your heart, it’s totally worth it;
  • Show yourself as you are, that’s priceless – it took me “only” 38 years to realize that, but it’s ok, I finally did 😊
  • Lead with kindness – whatever you do, be kind;
  • Your team is your superpower – always be surrounded by smart, energetic, inspiring people;
  • You belong to your team, not the other way around – when you have a great team just be there for guidance, not interference;
  • Don’t be afraid to be challenged – by change, by your team, by customers, by yourself;
  • Be present – be there, really listen, give space for development, let people grow and find their way;
  • Share – what you know, what you have, your insights, your takeaways, yourself;
  • Empathy should have an important seat at the table – we all have it, it’s much better to show it.

One of my beliefs is that we need to be aware of ourselves and whatever it’s coming to us, so I‘m also remaining open to potential opportunities that would trigger in me purpose & meaning. I’m more and more aware that purpose and meaning became of utmost importance for me. I value my professional expertise deeply, it’s a great background, but mostly I value my expertise as a human being. I would gladly contribute to projects, webinars, articles where I have expertise and I can bring added value.

Today I choose to be in the present, the past is in the past, and regarding the future, I’m looking forward to it. 

And to be completely honest all the way, the future is starting first of all with a well-deserved break 😊

Let’s stay safe and optimistic! Life is full of great experiences!

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